Sutton Silver News

Mon 20th April 2015

The exhibition is almost upon us! After much research and discussion we are now at the point of writing the text, selecting the images and picking the objects to go into the exhibition.

We’re also busy thinking about how to incorporate interactive elements into the exhibition and who might be able to help us make these.

The events programme is nearly finished – look out for our flyers soon!

Mon 16th June 2014.

The Sutton Silver Working Group met again this week, with more committee members able to attend. We are planning how best to put on a display in Ely Museum in the summer of 2015 to accompany the loan of the "Sutton Brooch" from the British Museum.I hadn't heard of the Sutton Brooch before Elie (Ely Museum Curator) got in touch to discuss the project with me, but it is prooving a fascinating artifact, even at this relatively early stage of the project.  As our name suggests, the brooch is made of silver, and dates from the Anglo Saxon period.  It was found in Sutton, though no-one is exactlysure where.  It is decorated with stylised animals and has lettering and a curse on the rear.  It was probably worn to join a cloak at the neck, and may have been one of a pair.At the latest meeting we started to sketch out a calendar and action plan, so we can ensure we have items made up in time for the exhibition in June 2015.  We also discussed particular "themes" we would like to investigate further, these are as follows:  Research into the history of the brooch (Anglo Saxon period), Research into the owners and finder of the brooch (late 1600's onwards), Maps showing how Sutton parish has chaged since Saxon times, Graphics and Artwork related to the decoration of the brooch, Events to be held alongside the museum exhibition, Text for displays, leaflets etc,  and Online Resources - specifically learning and education.These will be the main areas we will focus on in the next few months, but as you can see they are fairly broad and open to change depending on where the research takes us.Although the brooch will be displayed at Ely Museum due to security restrictions imposed by the British Museum, we are planning events in Sutton, which may include Storytelling, re-enactments and art and code-breaking events.We also hope to have small displays at other village events such as the Feast Week Gault Day and Picnic in the Park, to give all villagers an opportunity to find out more and get involved.

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